hey! i am aiesha :) i'm the dream weaver, creative designer at pussbackfoot. making magic is what am i about and i think there's a good chance we could spin some together :D

someone said to me that my work was, "true meraki" {doing something with soul, creativity, and love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you're doing} and i thought to myself "yasss!"

that is the base all of my beautiful designs: pouring ALL of my God-given creativtiy and soul into my work.

and then, the magic comes when i pour all of your beautiful love energy into the mix!

i see beauty everywhere and i cannot stand a moment without meaning...i believe life and love must be celebrated e v e r y d a y, in as many ways as we can, and especially you on your wedding day.... well, then, then i want to take your breath away! 

you feel me? yes?! well, i can't wait to meet you and start dreaming with you! 



We honestly had our perfect wedding. The venue was remote, which brought with it tough logistics, but she made our dreams come true! It had everything we wanted (even the things we didn't know we wanted), and nothing we didn't. 

Aiesha took the time to get to know us, and used her magic to tailor make a day completely suited for us. (Don't ask us how she comes up with the stuff she does!) In fact when we look back at our entire wedding experience from envisioning, to planning, to executing, some of our fondest memories involve Aiesha directly. Words cannot do justice to how grateful we are for what she did with and for us; it was a very special gift that we will never forget! 

Yasmin + Nicholas

For my wedding, I wanted - whimsical, magical, organic. I needed it done perfectly, tastefully, reliably and I needed someone I could trust entirely so I could relax and enjoy the day. Aiesha did that brilliantly.

She transformed the space into an unforgettable magical world that embraced us and all our guests - and we'll all remember that feeling forever. Her touch is magic.

Thank you for sharing your magic with us Aiesha and making our wedding day as spectacular as it was!

Krystal + Lasse

Thank you Aiesha! We were absolutely blown away by how perfectly everything came together. You made us feel completely at ease during the whole process. You understood our vision immediately and you totally exceeded our expectations bringing our ideas to fruition. That swing!! It was perfect. We've been singing your praises ever since...  thanks for making our dream come true!

Tara + Elliot

I still feel like I'm dreaming, finally looking at my phone again today and realising it wasn't just a dream. What a magical weekend. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love. Thanks for making our wedding so special. 

Aiesha you did a wonderful job! We were so happy with how everything came out. Can’t wait to see the photos too, everyone was completely wowed by the decor. You really stayed true to our vision with your own personality infused.

Thanks so much, and its been a real pleasure working with you. 

Alyssa + Ray